A Register Compass Review That Helps You Understand The Tool

Register compass is a website that deals with reselling of  already used domains that are expired, deleted or about to expire. We have written this register compass review in detail below to help you understand more about this tool.

  • This website is comprehensive and has many advanced to filter through and find the best suited domain name for our requirements.
  • It lists both deleted and expired list of domain names. In addition to this it also lists the about to expire domain names.
  • The list of about to expire domain names imply that the domains are presently actively used on other functioning websites. But might soon be available for use.
  • About to expire domains are beneficial in terms that one can assess traffic and branding value of the domains by visiting existing websites.
  • The advanced search features consist of options to select high traffic generating domain names based on their previous performance and potential.
  • It also has an option of classifying through page ranks in SEO. Just like page ranking software Alexa.
  • It also has a comprehensive list of backlinks so that when you buy the domain you can outrightly start with generating traffic.
  • Advanced search entries also include the option for the buyer to search for domain names that could be short or long. It also has a search option for abbreviated forms.
  • This website conducts trading of domain names that include buying and selling.
  • It just does not sell domains but also work on its maintenance.
  • It also conducts auctions related to domain trading.
  • Every domains history is documented and presented to the buyer to understand the domains potential.
  • Monitor the existing domains for their expiry period and list them accordingly.
  • It also generates auto domain availability alerts as well as sends auto generated emails with notifications.
  • There is also an additional option of downloading detailed complete list of available sites from the website.


This website is a good option for anyone looking for domains that have existing traffic and rankings. Even if one wants to buy a new domain, they should definitely go through such deleted domain websites to find better deals and domains that are well suited rather new ones.