PhenQ Review – Pros And Cons


Any new product that gets launched must be studied in detail before consuming it. PhenQ reviews are here to do just that. While the clinical trials are being conducted to test the product and check for the possible side effects, it is the duty of the customer to do its due diligence before buying it.

The PhenQ review states the following advantages of the so called miracle drug, PhenQ that claims to reduce weight, increase metabolism and essentially keeps you on your toes with energy.

  • The study says that it is reasonably safe. It is not bound to affect the human body in a negative way.
  • There are no strings attached. The company that sells the magic pills will not hold you to anything. There are no agreements with fine prints to watch out for. If you like it, you buy it. That is the deal.
  • There is a guarantee that will pay you back the money that you have invested in the product if you reject it for any reason. This is a policy of the company that is very reassuring to the consumer. If the company did not have faith in itself, it would not issue such a policy. This is a good sign.



There is always a flipside to everything.

  • A product like calcium carbonate, while it sounds good and interesting, it cannot be trusted in blindly. There has to be more tests done on it to ensure that it does not have any side effects in the long run.
  • It is expensive. Considering the benefits that the pill offers, some will believe that it is worth it. But that does not include majority of the population.

The market is filled with many alternatives that can be used to lose weight. They are herbal and natural products without any chemicals. There are almost no side effects (unless you are allergic to certain herbs) because the ingredients are plants and herbs. This is a good alternative when compared to synthesized drugs.